"Tell me about yourself..."

"What do you do?"

"TCM: Original is Better" Ad

Audio starts quietly- turn up your volume. I love TCM! I wanted to do something that shows what they do and how the classics have influenced media today(in horror form). This project uses both audio and visual elements as well as Flash scripting.

Movies in order of appearance: "Dracula" (1931), "The Mummy" (1932), "The Evil Dead" (1981), "Psycho" (1960), and "The Wolfman" (1941).

Symphonie Fantastique, Op. 14: Scéne au Supplice: Allegretto Non Süddeutsche Philharmoniker By Symphonie Fantastique.

Programs used: Adobe Flash, Illustrator, Media Encoder and Photoshop and iMovie.

"Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock" Slot

This slot interface is based of the Big Bang Theory's "Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock", the television I had as a child, and Phantom EFX's Facebook slots.

Audio is property of The Big Bang Theory.

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Media Encoder, Flash and Photoshop.
"Paper Luigi's Haunted Mansion" Ad

One of the things learned on my job shadow at Phantom was how promotional sidebar ads are made. I used Illustrator to trace some characters and props then added them to Flash to bring them to life!

Audio, Luigi (and all forms of his world), are property of Nintendo . Imagination to put this piece together is all mine.

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Media Encoder and Flash.
Owner's Interface | Worker's Interface
"Tractor GPD" - App Interface
Created originally for Visual Logic

This comprehensive design is for an ap designed to aid famers and their farm hands to keep track of their tractors' energy levels, as well as the farm hands' safety.

With Skype, the farm hands can be called or call if someone is at risk of colliding or running out of gas. The ap can work on their tablet or phone.

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Brochure

I wanted to make something functional and out the box that Adobe might consider giving out. It's clean like their work and sparks interest in opening the brochure with the cut out in the center. The front flap is able to slide into a slot on the right side for a neat logo. They're now more interested in their cloud, but the information is inside is still relevant!

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.
Preliminary | Final
With Rough Draft Sketches

Most artists prefer to show just teh final product, but it can be really cool to see a part of their process!

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator.
"Dough Brew Holiday Labels"

I made these labels for with the holidays and the commissioner's personality in mind. I wanted something thoughtful and easy to use, so I went for a black and white ink-like design.

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator.
Phantom EFX
Job Shadow Thank You

Phantom EFX is a gaming company in Cedar Falls that makes slots for Facebook! It's also where I did job shadows at, and as a thank you, I created this for each employee I met with. I took inspiration from their name, work, and remade their logo from scratch.

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator.
PHP, Jquery Portfolio

The best portfolio in the world! OK, maybe not since "best" is subjective, but I like it! I created this portfolio with simplicity of design and functionality in mind. I used a open font source called Google Fonts to find my logo's typefaces (or font as people are used to hearing). I then used Abode Illustrator to create my logo and start my mock-ups.

I made sure my resume and website matched and different hues of #8EBE8D,(my green), to create the look of my brand.

Languages used: PHP, MySqli, JavaScript, Jquery.

Responsive PHP, SQl Site

"Gemi" is a website to showcase a user's collection of minerals as well as their top ten favorites. For this I created a database with 55 minerals that could be added or removed from a user's collection via PHP. This site is more of a tribute to my personal interest for minerals.

Languages used: PHP, MySqli, JavaScript.
Fluid Travel Site

"ToIreland" I a fun little site for anyone interested in travel. I hadn't thought much of traveling there myself until I got into this project. I created the logo to go along the more modern design of a resizeable top bar, and kept the country's flag in mind with the layout, as well as what would look good on a phone and a computer without change.

Languages used: HTML, CSS.
Coffee Chic
Pictures & ASP.NET Download
Ever wanted to not wait in line for your morning pick me up?
Coffee Chic is an ASP.NET website that is meant for just that!

Originally this piece was a menu, but the image I created for it was too strong for me not to make it something better! The logo is based of the name's resemblance to "Coffee Chick", with a little class thrown in there. The typeface I used's "c" created the cup.

The application utilized dropdowns and responsive design to make it easy for users to order in their drive over.

Languages used: ASP.NET C#, CSS.
Current Group Project

Gamerfynder.com is a group project created by me and my classmates. Its purpose: get video gamers together to discuss their gaming interests and find other players to join their gaming sessions.

My Part
Developer: (see below)
Designer: Layout and Logo (see above)

Games by Genre
All Games

Languages used: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQLi.
Prelimenary | Dragon Layers | "Beta Thank You" Draft
Draco Isles
Responsive Dragon Game - Current Group Project

"Draco Isles" is a club project created by me and my classmates. Its purpose: create your own clan of mystical creatures and explore their world!

My Part
Developer: Layered dragon images (and below)
Designer: Layered dragon images, Layout and Logo (see above)

Dragons by Lair
All Dragons

Languages used: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQLi.